Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here's my leica reel, teaser poster, and synopsis for the final assignment for Storyboard last semester...It's a bit cheesy, and this leica reel definately is begging me to return to it in the future and fix the drawings, play with the lighting, and fix the audio...

...but for now, you'll just have to deal with what I have!

First up, the synopsis:

Tagline: When Jack has a problem, He sleeps on it...

Genre: Action, Adventure

Format: 2D Animated Series

The story is about a 15 year old boy named Jack, who doesn't have all that much going for him. He's not the most popular guy, he's not very athletic, has bad luck with girls, and has a fair amount of bad luck for his age. Despite this, he's an honest, caring boy who has a lot of ambition. This inner strength is what draws an entity from another dimension to him. This entity, who refers to himself as Shadow, appears before him in his dreams, in dire need of Jack's help. He warns Jack that his world is in danger, and at the moment, only Jack can do something about it. Shadow's world was overthrown by evil entities, who plan to take over Earth as well. Jack learns that the “dream state” is a state of conciousness that connets the the two worlds. Using this gateway, the evil entities use real world people as hosts, by entering their dreams as nightmares, and manifest in the real world.

During the day, Shadow resides inside Jack's consciousness, and is seen by Jack in his own shadow (no one else can see him). While in the 'Dream State', Jack merges with Shadow, to form a crime fighter known as 'ShadowJack'.  

And finally, the video itself:

The cast is as followed:
Jack/ShadowJack: Filipe Neto (my younger brother)
Boring Professor: Gemal Plummer
Shadow: Ryan Williams
Evil Entity: Dylan Inksetter
Drawings, Music, and Voice during the Logo: Me (Luis Neto)

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