Sunday, February 8, 2009

Now, it's Jacqueline's Turn!

Here's the character that I used on my previous animation assignment. I've named her Jacqueline (did you catch the play on words with the title?). Anywho, a lot of ppl in my class have seen me working on this, and some want me to remake my animation so that each frame looks like this...Perhaps if I have time I shall, but for now, that's on the back burner considering the amount of time it takes to make!

Anyways, this is the start of many depictions of this (and a few of my other characters), which I think I might use to make a webcomic...Once again, this is depenant primarily on the factor of time, and secondly on the factor of laziness...No but seriously, I don't think I'm going to be as much of a slave to laziness as I've been in the past! (I have a score to settle now!) 

Anyways, I hope ya like it!


Anonymous said...

great stuff Luis! I really like your character designs, and that maquette turned out sick! anyway thanks for your recent comment =) the backwards walk was interesting, but wasn't too different from the forward version haha.

Spidersaiyan aka. Luis Neto said...

Glad you like it! And as for your walk, don't sell yourself short! I think being bold enough to attempt something that's outside the box, is something to be proud of, regardless of the outcome! Keep up the good work!