Sunday, February 1, 2009

Character Design Assignment

My appologies for the long delay in posting and whatnot. I will attempt to get up to date...starting...NOW!

First up, my latest character design project from just before the Christmas break, although the sculpt and colours were done during!


Character: Teddy


There was once an 4 and a half year old orphan named Riley, who was alone in the world. Since he was younger than all the other orphans in his orphanage, no one ever wated to play with him. Riley was very lonely. Every night he wished that he could find just one friend....And then one day he found Teddy...

Teddy was made from disgarded and destroyed stuffed toys from the other orphans, assembled by one of the workers in the orphanage who felt sorry for the Riley. A combination of the power of Riley's imagination and his desperation for a friend, brings Teddy to life.


He is a frankenstien of sorts, created from stuffed toys. The majority of his body resembles a teddy bear, with part of his face coming from a stuffed rabbit, a leg from a stuffed dinosaur, with staples, stitches, and duct tape holding the parts together.

Teddy is unconditionally in love with Riley. The bond they share is what brings Teddy to life. Everything that Teddy does is to make Riley happy. They go on many adventures together, with Riley transforming into his superhero counterpart (even though he just wears a bath towel as a cape, and uses a cardboard sword!). Together, they go off to fight evil aliens, pirates, criminals, and yucky vegetables. Since Teddy has entered Riley's life, Riley has never been lonely again.

Teddy's biggest fear is that Riley will one day grow up, and no longer need him. He fears the day that Riley will leave him behind, which forces him to be really protective of Riley, and enjoy as much time with him while he can. What Teddy doesn't realize is like him, Teddy is all that he has in the world, and Riley too fears that one day, his only friend might disappear.

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