Saturday, June 12, 2010


My pc isn't working for the time being, so I inked these lines manually. On one hand, it takes much longer...But I think the payoff is that the lines look a lot better than my tablet-drawn lines.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What I've done during the school year, that didn't have anything to do with 3D

Here's some stuff I've done during the school year. It's got a few contest entries, some experimental stuff, and the last picture was for my first commission.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3D Work/Demo Reel

know, I know...It's been a really long time since I've uploaded anything! I'm gonna start making the posts a little more regular from now on! I just changed the look of my blog for starters. Ok, now for the posting!

Though there's some older stuff I could post, I thought I'd kick it off with my 3D stuff. So here it is (hope ya like it!):

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another quick update!

Well, here's another quick update...Some of the pieces I've been working on. The first's a piece I call "Suicide?", the second's a Nightcrawler Quickie, the third's a piece I did for a contest on dA, and the fourth's my slight redesign of my "ShadowJack" character.

As for the youtube stuff, the first is a little thing I've been working on. It's supposed to be a level from Smash Bros, designed to look like paper cutouts. The animation on it is really rough and unfinished, but it was mainly to see what it'd look like with the camera moves!

The second youtube video, is a quick animation featuring my original character, Jacqueline.

Hope ya like it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Long overdue update...

Man, it's been a while since I've posted anything here...My bad, guys! Been kinda lazy...not with drawing (I swear!), but with posting! What, with my summer school electives and what not.

Anyways...Enough of the delays! Here's some of what I've been doing this summer (and a few things from just before the summer):

I've even been animating in flash, but I don't think I can post flash here, and I'm too lazy to post it on youtube, so if you wanna see it, check my deviantart page!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Now, it's Jacqueline's Turn!

Here's the character that I used on my previous animation assignment. I've named her Jacqueline (did you catch the play on words with the title?). Anywho, a lot of ppl in my class have seen me working on this, and some want me to remake my animation so that each frame looks like this...Perhaps if I have time I shall, but for now, that's on the back burner considering the amount of time it takes to make!

Anyways, this is the start of many depictions of this (and a few of my other characters), which I think I might use to make a webcomic...Once again, this is depenant primarily on the factor of time, and secondly on the factor of laziness...No but seriously, I don't think I'm going to be as much of a slave to laziness as I've been in the past! (I have a score to settle now!) 

Anyways, I hope ya like it!

Character Walk/Trip

Here's my most recent animation assignment.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here's my leica reel, teaser poster, and synopsis for the final assignment for Storyboard last semester...It's a bit cheesy, and this leica reel definately is begging me to return to it in the future and fix the drawings, play with the lighting, and fix the audio...

...but for now, you'll just have to deal with what I have!

First up, the synopsis:

Tagline: When Jack has a problem, He sleeps on it...

Genre: Action, Adventure

Format: 2D Animated Series

The story is about a 15 year old boy named Jack, who doesn't have all that much going for him. He's not the most popular guy, he's not very athletic, has bad luck with girls, and has a fair amount of bad luck for his age. Despite this, he's an honest, caring boy who has a lot of ambition. This inner strength is what draws an entity from another dimension to him. This entity, who refers to himself as Shadow, appears before him in his dreams, in dire need of Jack's help. He warns Jack that his world is in danger, and at the moment, only Jack can do something about it. Shadow's world was overthrown by evil entities, who plan to take over Earth as well. Jack learns that the “dream state” is a state of conciousness that connets the the two worlds. Using this gateway, the evil entities use real world people as hosts, by entering their dreams as nightmares, and manifest in the real world.

During the day, Shadow resides inside Jack's consciousness, and is seen by Jack in his own shadow (no one else can see him). While in the 'Dream State', Jack merges with Shadow, to form a crime fighter known as 'ShadowJack'.  

And finally, the video itself:

The cast is as followed:
Jack/ShadowJack: Filipe Neto (my younger brother)
Boring Professor: Gemal Plummer
Shadow: Ryan Williams
Evil Entity: Dylan Inksetter
Drawings, Music, and Voice during the Logo: Me (Luis Neto)

Previous stuff...

Here's some animations that I've done before the Christmas break...

ps...the Mad Scientist is a "slightly crazier" version of me...if I were evil!

Character Design Assignment

My appologies for the long delay in posting and whatnot. I will attempt to get up to date...starting...NOW!

First up, my latest character design project from just before the Christmas break, although the sculpt and colours were done during!


Character: Teddy


There was once an 4 and a half year old orphan named Riley, who was alone in the world. Since he was younger than all the other orphans in his orphanage, no one ever wated to play with him. Riley was very lonely. Every night he wished that he could find just one friend....And then one day he found Teddy...

Teddy was made from disgarded and destroyed stuffed toys from the other orphans, assembled by one of the workers in the orphanage who felt sorry for the Riley. A combination of the power of Riley's imagination and his desperation for a friend, brings Teddy to life.


He is a frankenstien of sorts, created from stuffed toys. The majority of his body resembles a teddy bear, with part of his face coming from a stuffed rabbit, a leg from a stuffed dinosaur, with staples, stitches, and duct tape holding the parts together.

Teddy is unconditionally in love with Riley. The bond they share is what brings Teddy to life. Everything that Teddy does is to make Riley happy. They go on many adventures together, with Riley transforming into his superhero counterpart (even though he just wears a bath towel as a cape, and uses a cardboard sword!). Together, they go off to fight evil aliens, pirates, criminals, and yucky vegetables. Since Teddy has entered Riley's life, Riley has never been lonely again.

Teddy's biggest fear is that Riley will one day grow up, and no longer need him. He fears the day that Riley will leave him behind, which forces him to be really protective of Riley, and enjoy as much time with him while he can. What Teddy doesn't realize is like him, Teddy is all that he has in the world, and Riley too fears that one day, his only friend might disappear.